MATE 1.12 released

After 5 months of development the MATE Desktop team are proud to announce the release of MATE Desktop 1.12. We’d like to thank every MATE contributor and user.


What’s new in MATE 1.12

The headline changes in MATE 1.12 are:

  • Fixes and improvements for GTK3 support across the entire MATE Desktop including GTK 3.18 support.
  • Touchpad support is significantly improved and now features multi touch and natural scrolling.
  • Multi monitor support has been improved so the display settings use output names and the revised UI lets you set the primary monitor.
  • The power applet now displays model and vendor information so you can distinguish between multiple battery powered devices.
  • Improved session management which now includes screensaver inhibition while playing media.
    • MATE now listens to the org.gnome.SessionManager namespace.
  • Extended systemd support.
  • Long standing bugs and many little usability paper-cuts were fixed.
    • For example, panel applets are no longer reordered when changing screen resolutions.
  • Translations updated and a number of components now retrieve strings directly from gschema (requires intltool 0.50.1).
  • Dropped support for win32 and osx.

The various components of MATE 1.12 are available for download here:



Here is a more detailed break down of what has changed.


  • Support lcov 1.12
  • Update documentation and examples


  • Require dconf 0.13.4 and xrandr 1.3
  • Add gsettings key to toggle overlay scrolling in GTK+3
  • Add some icons to fix missing icons in GTK+3 with custom icon theme
  • Mouse schema: enable middle-click emulation by default
  • RR: implement missing mate_rr_output_get_possible_crtcs function
  • RR: fix laptop identification by output name
  • RR: show output name in addition to display name
  • Moved docbook user guide to a separate project
  • Dropped dependency on yelp (not needed after moving user guide)


  • Add GObject introspection
  • Layout view/print dialog: remove useless Help button
  • Layout view/print dialog: some UI fixes


  • oss: Only use modify counter for polling on Linux, it is broken on BSDs
  • alsa: Fix FTBFS with old versions of ALSA
  • alsa: Fix fade


  • Location updates for timezones


  • Don’t build a pkgconfig file


  • Connect to server dialog: add support for AFP
  • Improve multi-monitor support


  • Add support for GTK3 application indicators.


  • Add manual and by-pointer window placement
  • Use Alt-` for switching between windows of the same application


  • Add new keybinding for logout (empty by default)
  • Touchpad settings: added support for natural scrolling, 2 finger and 3 finger clicks
  • Mouse: use syndaemon -K to ignore Ctrl+C and other combos
  • GTK+3: make xrandr tray applet support custom panel themes


  • Add support for an optional dock, such as Plank
  • Add support for new libsystemd in addition to existing libsystemd-login
  • Only wait 1 second max on logout/shutdown
  • Turn GTK+3 overlay scrolling on/off on start using new gsettings key


  • Use pkg-config to check for python (requires python 2.7)


  • Require xrandr 1.3
  • Add option to enable/disable week numbers in calendar
  • Fix positions of locked applets on screen resolution change
  • GTK+3: add a style class for applets to follow panel-menu-bar


  • GTK3 all themes: style volume/brightness applet slider
  • Assorted improvements and refinements for all themes, in particular for GTK 3.18.


  • Fix height and visibility of themes in gtk3
  • Multiple theme fixes


  • Appearance: restored Interface tab
  • Display: added support to set the primary monitor
  • Display: show output names in addition to display names
  • Keybindings: added keybinding for logout
  • Touchpad settings: add option to enable/disable touchpad
  • Touchpad settings: added support for natural scrolling, 2 finger and 3 finger clicks
  • Improved categorization
  • GTK+3: fix font rendering in Appearance and mate-font-viewer


  • Add support for libsystemd in addition to existing libsystemd-login support.
  • Don’t fade to black when locking the screen
  • Fix systemd event handling


  • Multiple fixes in manpages
  • GTK+3: add style classes for slider and menu for volume-applet
  • GTK+3: fix missing icons with custom icon theme


  • Require xrandr 1.3
  • Show vendor/model information for devices
  • Fix backlight adjustment on Macbook Pro
  • GTK+3: support custom themes
  • GTK+3: fix brightness applet behavior


  • SysInfo: add proper detection for Linux Mint and LMDE
  • SysInfo: let distributions define custom side image
  • Interface: add border to notebook
  • Add support for libsystemd in addition to existing libsystemd-login support
  • Support build with C++11
  • Drop useless dependency on mate-icon-theme
  • Drop C89 support


  • Drop support for win32, osx and hildon
  • Drop useless mate-icon-theme dependency
  • Drop embedded MathJax in favor of using a distribution packaged version
  • Make smclient mandatory


  • Some string fixes


  • Fix ngettext usage in progress dialog
  • Make extracting multiple archives to a separate dir actually work
  • Fixed overwrite check when the files to be extracted are inside a folder

Eye of MATE

  • Assorted bug fixes.


  • Accessx-status, geyes: have applet background automatically painted
  • Cpufreq: make cpupower the default library
  • Drop useless dependency on mate-icon-theme
  • GTK+3: fix missing icons with custom icon theme
  • GTK+3: make cpufreq, charpick and drivemount support custom panel themes


  • Window Picker Applet: have background automatically painted


  • Have applet background automatically painted
  • Add silent rules


  • Add support for nvidia thermal and cooler sensors (requires libxnvctrl >= 256.25)
  • Add mbmon plugin
  • Make udisks plugin poll for new value


  • Fix —tab option that has been broken in 1.10.0
  • Enable silent rules by default
  • Drop support for win32 and osx


  • Drop useless dependency on dbus-1
  • Drop Apache 2.0 support


  • Add application icon to mate-system-log
  • Add timestamp instead of window name to screenshot filenames by default
  • Have dictionary applet background automatically painted
  • Translation fixes for gsettings schemas


  • Enable startup notification
  • Add silent rules


  • Add --enable-tests option to enable/disable running tests during the build
  • Add plugin to strip trailing spaces on saving
  • Bring back active plugins listing in bugreport script
  • Drop support for win32 and osx and the checkupdate plugin
  • Capitalize Pluma in window titles and desktop file
  • GTK3. fix print-preview
  • Some annotation fixes


  • Adjust the default caja extensions dir
  • Include in tarball

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