Website re-design

We have given the MATE website a make-over and also migrated from Wordpress to Nikola in the process.

The main objective of the re-design is to create simple, elegant site that helps you find the information you’re looking for quickly. Access to most MATE resources should be no more than two clicks from the homepage.

A secondary objective was to migrate to a content management system with a work-flow the developers and contributors are more familiar with and that also facilitates contributions from the wider community. This is the principile reason we migrated to Nikola, which is a static site generator.

Anyone can submit a new blog post, corrections or translations to the MATE website by creating a free account on GitHub, forking the repository and creating a pull-request. Pull-requests for will be reviewed by our Webmasters, merged and published here. The are some other benefits of using a static site generator.

Unfortunately, we have decided not to migrate comments from the old website. From this point forward each new blog post will be linked to a topic in the [MATE forums]. We are doing this because we already have a [dedicated team of forum moderators] and don’t want to draw on their limited time by asking them to moderate blog comments on a 3rd party comment provider. Besides, this approach will drive more readers to the MATE forums and will hope fully help grow and develop the community. We hope you understand our decision.

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