MATE is brought to you by an international group of developers, translators, packagers, artists and systems administrators.

Core Team

This is the core MATE team.

Martin Wimpress (flexiondotorg)

Packaging for Ubuntu-MATE and Debian, GSoC mentor, community management, infrastructure.

Luke Kuhn (lukefromdc)


Pablo Barciela (sc0w)

Development, packaging for Debian.

Robert Buj (rbuj)


Victor Kareh (vkareh)


Vlad Orlov (monsta)

Development, packaging for Linux Mint.

Wolfgang Ulbrich (raveit65)

Development, packaging for Fedora, theme maintainer, infrastructure.

Wu Xiaotian (yetist)

Development, infrastructure.

MATE Desktop founder

We’d like to acknowledge the efforts of the following people who helped bootstrap MATE in the early days.

Clement Lefebvre (clefebvre)

MATE Desktop founder, Development, packaging for Debian and Ubuntu.

Perberos (perberos)

MATE Desktop founder, development, packaging for Arch Linux.

Stefano Karapetsas (stefano-k)

MATE Desktop founder, Developer, packaging for Debian, GSoC mentor.

Steve Zesch (szesch)

MATE Desktop founder, Development.


The MATE Desktop Environment continues to improve and develop thanks to the tireless efforts of the following fine people.

Alexei Sorokin (XRevan86)

Development, Packaging for openSUSE, Compiz-Reloaded Maintainer.

Denis Gorodnichev (dnk)


Mike Gabriel (sunweaver)

Development, packaging for Debian, X2Go integration.

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo (willysr)

Packaging for Slackware.

Vangelis Mouhtsis (gnugr)

Packaging for Debian.

Adam Erdman (hekel)

Packaging for Arch Linux, man pages.

Efstathios Iosifidis (iosifidis)

Social media and promotion.

Alexandros Mouhtsis (AlexandrosMouhtsis)

Development, translator.


MATE is translated, or partially translated, for 140 languages.

Past contributors

Adam Bickley (bickman2k)

Packaging for Arch Linux.

Abel McClendon (MotoHoss)

Development, packaging for Debian, documentation maintainer.

Dan Mashal (dmashal)

Packaging for Fedora.

Giovanni Ricciardi (talorno)

Packaging for Arch Linux.

Joseph Krieger (RowenStipe)

Artwork & design.

Nelson Marques

Development, packaging for openSUSE.

Benjamin Denisart (posophe)

Packaging for openSUSE.

Scott Balneaves (sbalneav)


Sander Sweers (infirit)


Jasmine Hassan


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